Data-Driven Solutions for Optimized Care

Easy and intuitive access to data with real-time analysis enables clinicians to make more confident, well-informed care decisions.

At Astarte Medical, we deliver solutions that allow hospitals and clinical teams to standardize care with the goal of ultimately personalizing treatment plans, at a time that has a profound impact on long-term health.

Ease Burden of Data Access and Analysis

Data is essential to evidence-based care planning, improving outcomes, and optimizing clinical workflow. NutritionIQ provides unprecedented access to a hospital’s own feeding and nutrition data, overlaying analytics for imperative clinical decision support.

Provide Clarity and Context to Support Decision-making

With easy and intuitive access to your historical and real-time feeding data, and overlayed analyses of metrics and milestones, NutritionIQ enables clinicians to make more confident, well-informed care decisions.

Reduce Practice Variability and Burnout

NutritionIQ makes it easy to track adherence to your hospital’s feeding protocols, compare protocol compliance with patient outcomes, and implement quality improvement initiatives.

Enhance Team Collaboration and Communication

NutritionIQ strengthens care coordination and rounding by giving cross-functional teams the ability to access and share timely, relevant information, streamline communication, and conduct remote consultations.

Integrate Seamlessly and Securely with EMR

NutritionIQ takes the pressure off of a hospital’s IT department with a cloud-based system that integrates seamlessly with hospital’s EMR, meets FHIR standards for secure interoperability, and is 100% HIPAA compliant to ensure patient privacy and data integrity.

For Neonatal Intensive Care

NICUtrition® provides valuable insights and analytics to support feeding and nutrition practices for preterm infants and vulernable neonates.

  • Optimal nutrition improves growth and development
  • Standardized care reduces length of stay and time on ventilation
  • Automated calculations and analytics ease clinical burden and improve satisfaction

For Cardiovascular Intensive Care

NutritionIQ CHD enables cardiac intensive care units and step down units to standardize pre and post op nutrition for children with congenital heart defects to improve healing and surgical outcomes while reducing length of stay and adverse events.

  • Empower CICU teams to enact feeding parenteral and enteral guidelines
  • Direct and report quality improvement initiatives to advance evidence-based practice
  • Emphasize and support individualized care based on nutritional status

Precision Nutrition for the First 1000 Days

NICUbiome® is a digital platform that leverages machine learning to provide quantification of and insights to preterm infant gut health. Drawing on a proprietary and extensive dataset, NICUbiome® enables better decision-making through benchmarking and personalized care through risk stratification, initially in preterm infants. NICUbiome® will accelerate the development, adoption, and tailored use of new nutritional or microbial interventions.

NICUbiome® Benefits

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